Today’s adults in their early 20s only know of a world with Internet and email. For many, their first mobile phones were smartphones and they’ve never experienced connecting to the Internet via dial-up modem. It’s a generation that expects and demands instant gratification. Sounds like a nightmare segment to target, but with smart planning and foresight you can reach this audience, engage them, and win their business. Here are 3 ways to get there:

1.  Do your homework. Unless you’re a 20-something yourself, you’ll need to research as much as possible to find out what they need, what they want, what they demand, and what they enjoy. A simple Google search or two should do the trick.

2.  Start up a conversation. This group is used to giving and getting feedback on anything and everything immediately. So why not start your relationship with them by asking for their input? You’ll be surprised at how much 20-somethings value being in control of their own customer experiences.

3.  Make them advocates. If they love a product, they have no problem grabbing their phones or laptops and telling their friends via social networking sites or in the comment section of your website. So in a matter a seconds, these customers can spread the word of their experience with your business to hundreds or thousands of prospects. All the more reason to make sure your first impression is a favorably memorable one.