Changing Perceptions

and Reaching New Heights.

A fresh and integrated approach to attract a new Barclays savings customer.


20 years with AARP

Connecting up to 38 million
members to “Real Possibilities.”

Creating Powerful
and Rewarding

Business Cards.

A strategy across multiple channels helped position Ink as a leader in the business marketplace.

Creating Behavior.

We add functionality to our clients’ challenges that, in turn, impacts positively on their success. We do this by identifying client needs through analyzing prior strategies and test results. We then develop a strategic plan by establishing goals for a measurable objective to achieving the larger goal – greater response rates. The result of developing creative that produces measurable result is a successful client product.

Collaborate With The Client.

Innovation requires collaboration. Whether it’s hardworking collateral or a multi-channel interactive campaign, every successful effort starts with an idea. An idea that’s based on cleverness, adept strategy and customer needs. Combining CIA and the client’s knowledge is a hallmark of successful partnerships.

We find the best solutions by leveraging the full range of expertise from our clients – this doesn’t happen when people are working in a silo. The best solutions come from working with clients as a partnership thus creating breakthrough brands.